Thursday, December 02, 2010

Journal Your Christmas: underway

the front cover

I'd started decorating the album for my Christmas journal ages ago, and then kind of ran aground with it. Realising that it was now December meant I had to finish it off.


Yes, those are silver peel-off stars on there. They're the same ones I used on the date tags - they fit my star punch exactly. I don't care what you think about peel-offs, I like them so they're staying.

1 December - a manifesto

I like that Shimelle always includes a title page in her ongoing projects. It feels odd to plunge straight into a journal like this, and a manifesto is a good way to kick it off. Also, it helps me set my limits and define what this journal is all about - especially important as my pages are only six inches square. If I try and write everything down I'll be here until next Christmas! I took this picture earlier and the last line of text is really annoying me....I'll have to cover that up and re-do it. Somehow my brain deserted me and I forgot how to spell 'celebrate'.

1 December - a closeup

All my date tags follow a similar format: scalloped circle, ribbon, Christmas tree, contrasting circle, silver star and a number from one of my many half-used sets of alphabets. This one was a white foam number that looked a bit dingy, so I used some Tim Holtz crackle paint to liven it up a bit.

So what is my manifesto for this year, you may ask? Shimelle has designed a lovely one which you can download here, but I really wanted something more personal that reflects what I've been through and what I hope for this Christmas.

RELAX and remember there is no pressure to do anything.
PEOPLE I LOVE are more important than anything else. Spend time with them.
Know that MEMORIES can be bad as well as good. That's ok.
But remember, don't stress. Be HAPPY for everything I have. Celebrate and enjoy.

See you tomorrow for day two!


scrappyjacky said...

There's nothing wrong with peel offs used in the right way.....and I love how you've begun your journal.

Michelle said...

Lovely album and lovely page! Keep doing! Kind regrds from Poland!