Sunday, August 18, 2013

Whoops, I did it again

I hadn't realised it had been so long since I updated here...sorry! Strange to look back at my last few posts and see what a scrapbooking kick I was on. Since then, it has mostly been my watercolour journal that's occupied my time.

I am trying to draw everything, everywhere. My art teacher once told me I should be filling sketchbooks, but I didn't know how. Now I realise that I can just draw what's in front of me.

Having a small journal (this is the Moleskine Watercolour Notebook which is about 13x21cm) makes it easier to fill a page fairly quickly, and I can experiment with different styles:

Don't worry, I am still scrapbooking. In fact I finished a page this morning. This journal is just a different way of recording life, and I am really enjoying it.