Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Christmas spirit is in here somewhere...

getting ready for christmas
What happened to November? It seems to have flown by and now all of a sudden it's December. Which means Christmas, and this class happens all over again.

My first attempt at Journal Your Christmas was 2007, when I filled an album with fun and happiness. JYC was a celebration of life, love and family. 2008's journal has just six pages in it as I struggled with a broken heart and losing my grandad. And 2009 didn't even happen, because I was in hospital all over Christmas as I fought a life-threatening illness.

I am due some joy, don't you think?

This year, JYC is very much about taking back Christmas. Celebrating the people and things that are important to me. Celebrating the happy times in the past, acknowledging the bad, and preparing myself to move on. Not just for a new year, but a whole new life.

I've done enough long-term scrapbook projects to know how I like to work. My album is covered, my pages are cut, my patterned paper is trimmed to size (although it will get chopped again as I design each page) and the picture above shows the date tags I've already made. But as ever - no promises, no pressure!

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Bernie said...

lovely blog post which reinforces your JYC!!! Looking forward to seeing your pages!
Bernie x