Tuesday, December 21, 2010

JYC :: 16 :: Thankful

16 december
This one gets a post all of its own.

It is so easy to be thankful this year. 2009/10 has been without a doubt the hardest year of my life. I keep thinking 'this time last year I was'...and it's all negative. I was being told I had cancer. I was starting chemotherapy. I was in hospital. I was having major surgery. I didn't know what the future held except that it wasn't going to be very good for a long time.

I am so thankful to be writing this post from a place of health and contentment. I am so blessed with my family and friends and all their support. In between sickness and surgery, I have still managed to have some really good times this year and I am so thankful for everything. One little page doesn't say it enough.

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jo said...

Hi Kate. Found you via UKS and have to tell you I love your journal pages!!

I hope that you have a fab Christmas and that 2011 brings you much happiness

(((hugs))) Jo xx