Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pure magic


My scrapbooks are such a lovely reminder of sunnier days. As I flick through my photos to choose something that inspires me, I remember where I have been and stories I want to tell. This dragonfly joined us on a magical late summer walk, and obligingly waited until I had taken a photo before flying off. A photo and a page can't really do it justice, but it's enough to trigger a memory and make me smile all over again. Magic

Scrapbook-wise, I don't think I have ever done a page with so little patterned paper on it. I wanted the photo to be the star - there was no zoom involved, I really did get the camera (my phone!) that close. You can just see the background of misted hexagons using gold spray, and those gold chipboard letters are possibly my all-time favourite. The gems, candy dots and layered embellishment clusters finish it off without being too overpowering. Very different from my normal style...and I like it!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Trendy scrapbooking

There are lots of trends in scrapbooking. A constant stream of products to tempt us to spend our money. As with most trends in all areas of life (ahem, leggings) I tend to resist at first and gradually get worn down when I see everyone else's work. I'd love to say that I am not influenced by other people but I know that isn't true. At the moment, the trend in scrapbook pages I see is for graphic, 'arty' layouts with paint splatters and lots of elements that aren't arranged in neat rows. I particularly love Lisa and Kelly's work.

It feels strange to me, trying to make my style looser and less...layered? That's not right, 'graphic' layouts still have lots of layers in them. Is it the colour combinations? The use of embellishments? I'm still not sure what it is about these layouts that inspires me, but I am having fun trying to make it work in my own way.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Love and craftiness

Is there any better excuse for making things? Amanda and Jamie are a super-cute couple, and after his proposal on Christmas Eve they are now a super-cute ENGAGED couple! It is wonderful to see them so happy together.

This weekend was their engagement party, and a lovely chance to celebrate plus each side of the family got to meet each other. Adorable. Mum outdid herself (with some help from the happy couple too) with a lovely buffet including lots of vegetarian delights. Cheese and lentil bake, anyone? Yum. 

I had already helped Amanda make the engagement party invitations, but I still wanted to make a 'congratulations' card. I love 6x6 paper pads for their easy co-ordination, and this card came together ever so quickly. Pink and turquoise are one of my favourite colour combinations at the moment...I have tried to suggest them to Amanda as colours for the wedding, but she's got her own ideas!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Sunny days seem like a long time ago right now. The cold, grey weather we are having at the moment feels like it is soaking into my bones and I am desperately looking forward to spring. The only benefit to the weather being as it is, is that I don't feel guilty for spending an entire weekend scrapbooking indoors. And I have plenty of beautiful photos + memories that are just bursting to go in my albums. Plenty of opportunity, too, for a bit of creative experimentation with a more 'arty' style with lots of paint splatters.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Well, hello there 2013

It's a good job that 'blogging more often' is not a new year's resolution for me. Don't take it personally :) 
The first couple of weeks of 2013 have been busy in lots of ways, and although there is crafting going on, there hasn't been much light to take good photos. Instagram with its funky effects is much more forgiving of low-light situations (you can find me @wightkate).

I have learned that if I start the year with a list of aims and challenges, by March things usually start to fall apart. I am working towards being the person I want to be. And that doesn't change with the turn of a calendar page.
To be creative, to spend my energy on the things that really matter, to cherish those close to me, to find peace and calm and laughter in my life. To spend wisely, love deeply and eat well. 

May your 2013 be everything you want it to be.