Sunday, December 12, 2010

JYC :: almost on time

9 december

Traditions. Well. I have some wonderful memories of Christmases in the past (that's another page) but right now it doesn't feel like I have any traditions. Things change, families change, people get older. I don't do nativity services any more, or have a Christmas stocking, and we tend to go out for Christmas dinner rather than cook at home. But it's ok. Just because it's different doesn't mean I don't like it. Each Christmas is special.

10 december

A quick page to catch up here. I'm using up wrapping paper from previous Christmases, but really I suppose I ought to have some presents ready to wrap by now! And a little memory from last year...Mum bringing my presents and wrapping paper to the hospital so that I could wrap them for everyone. I'd had major surgery the night before and it was HARD WORK. Despite all the stress, this year is so much easier.


Sarah said...

I love your JYC Kate. I've been following your updates. I especially like the self portrait LO. I've had to scale mine back due to getting over excited with my embellishing. We're only on Day 13 and its already a brick thick. Look forward to seeing your pages through the rest of the month.


Michelle said...

It's sweet page!

Jenna Upson said...

wow, i love the colours that you are using on the pages. You have made pale pink look so Christmassy!