Monday, December 20, 2010

JYC :: 14 &15

14 december

For some reason the design of this page really pleases feels very balanced, despite the larger amount of writing than normal. Like everything, this year presents are 'different'. We used to get up very early to open everything under the tree. These days we are all a little older and able to sleep in, so the early mornings are out! I am also Gran's Christmas fairy this year and have been buying her presents for everybody else.

15 december

Quickest page ever...and much lighter to balance out the previous page. It'll just be us five for Christmas, as the rest of the family is scattered far and wide. But there'll be lots of phonecalls I am sure.

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Bernie said...

your pages are lovely!
Had a read back...can so sympathise with your moving stresses! Seems pretty universal about Estate Agents, LOL! We moved on 7th October, but only exchanged contracts on 6th at 3pm! So that was rather interesting! Dontcha just love investor buyers?!!! Anyways, hope things ease up for you as Christmas approaches...enjoy your singing and get a little relaxation if you can!!!
Bernie x