Thursday, April 25, 2013

Not so different after all

Don't get carried away, now. Just because my last page was properly 'graphic' doesn't mean I am going to abandon layering altogether. Sometimes it's just what comes naturally.
There is something about this page. The edges of the paper are inked. It's been a habit of mine to use some brown ink to softly colour the edges of every paper...well, forever. I've always done it. It works here with the greens and browns and muted earth tones. Lately, though, I have been working with some brighter colours and cleaner patterns, and inked edges haven't felt right. It still feels like my pages are naked but maybe I will get used to it in time.
Another one for the album of our weekends away...and as it says, in Sherwood Forest, one must always look the part!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Something different for a Monday

It sounds a bit pretentious to say I am working on developing my style. This is only scrapbooking, after all. I've mentioned a few times that I am trying to push what I do design-wise, rather than just go with the same-old-same-old. I think it's a success, because I really like the pages I have completed so far. But gosh it's hard to try and do something consciously different.

This page began as something very different indeed. A twee patterned background and a regular 2-up photo layout. After I'd stuck down the third piece of paper, I realised I hated it and tore the whole thing apart. That doesn't happen very often, I tend to be more of the mindset that if I stick enough things on the page eventually it will look ok. That wasn't working this time, though. So - I tore the photos off, discarded the paper, took a sheet of white cardstock and started again. 

This page uses those little index photos that you get when you print with Photobox (other online printers do similar, I think.) I thought they'd be a great way to do an introductory page for our weekend in Nottingham for Chris' birthday. I haven't decided yet  if these pages will have a separate album of their own, but even if I keep them in my regular 2013 album it will be good to have something that divides them from the other layouts. The diagonal design came from something in the back of my mind inspired by this layout and I went from there. I love, love, love that rainbow chevron washi tape (from Glitz Design) and have to stop myself from sticking it on everything. And heat embossing white on coloured card is a new-to-me technique that I am finding quite addictive. So different from my other pages and I love it.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Have a little faith

 It felt like Spring was never going to arrive. I should have had more faith, really.
Nature is doing its thing. Slowly, but it's coming.
 Every little flower, every little's all beautiful and makes me quite emotional, actually.
There is still lots of grey and brown. Lots of bare branches. But in between there are green leaves, tiny flowers, and splashes of colour.
 The wind brought with it some beautiful blue skies and clouds that left wispy, frothy trails.
I am SO going to sketch that shed. I took more than 90 photos on this walk and any one of them would make a lovely picture.
I'm thinking maybe a large-scale canvas/ I've been in this house for two years and there still isn't anything on the walls, so these photos might be the prompt I need to change that.
Don't get me wrong, it's still cold. There was a fresh, biting wind that made my eyes water and my nose run. I was very glad to get back into the warmth of the car and eat our picnic.
But Spring is a promise. A promise of sunny days and warmth that reaches your bones. A promise of new growth, renewal and opportunity. 
Life is good.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pink, pink, pink

I think the lack of Spring-like weather has impacted on my scrapbooking...I am using more flowers and bright colours than normal. Wishful thinking. Although the last few days haven't been too bad, so there is hope. Aren't those little girls adorable? They're from a mixed pack of embellishments I bought ages ago, and I nearly got rid of them because I don't do pages about children, but I remembered them as I was doing this page and they fit perfectly.

I am trying to use more stamping, as well, and small text elements are much easier for me to incorporate in my designs. And Primas....who uses them any more? Talk about mixing my trends! But these pages are for me, and in 20 years' time all I will worry about is that I recorded this story.
The pastel colours and floral pattern also help detract attention from the fact that this is a Christmas photo, being used to tell a story that isn't Christmassy at all. I do like Mindy's jumper, though.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday night scrapbook catchup

My scrapbooking/blogging cycle seems to have got a bit out of synch at the moment. Apart from the ones I haven't blogged yet, I also have a big pile of pages waiting to be photographed, plus a slightly smaller pile that are complete but waiting for journalling. Not sure what's happened there but it's most unlike me.

I did this page a little while ago, but it's been sitting out on the side for ages. Sometimes when I do a page I really like, I don't want to put it away immediately so I leave it somewhere nice and visible for a while. This one combines lots of my favourite things - that gold writing, aqua glitter, enamel dots, wooden birds, my favourite paper range (for now - Crate Paper Fourteen) and a tag. I love tags. 

I've been in a bit of a scrapbooking lull of late. Paper and photos aren't making me as excited as they normally do. Yesterday I went through and tidied all my stuff, re-arranged all my embellishments in cute little bowls on my desk, threw out some bits and pieces that had been sitting around for way too long and just weren't my style any more. It feels better - cleaner, tidier - and it stopped my urge to buy more when I realised just how much I already have. But, I still haven't scrapbooked. I'm not sure what is giving me page-fright but something has definitely thrown me off-course. I have a lot of photos just waiting to be scrapped, and plenty of stories to go with them. All my usual philosophies - any story told is better than none, just get it done, etc, - aren't helping at the moment. 

Being so busy is not helping. My evenings and weekends seem so full that I don't have time to sit and contemplate a page like I normally do. I think I'm going to have to start scrapping faster. Or, I need a holiday.Where's that lottery win when you need it, eh?

Thursday, April 04, 2013

No such thing as too much glitter

You know I love glitter, right? Glitter and shine and sparkle...I don't think I make a page without these in some form. When I made this page to celebrate Mindy and Jamie's Christmas engagement, I briefly wondered if two glitter alphabets was too many. Hah! Silly question.

This is actually on white cardstock heavily misted with gold, but that doesn't show up so well in this photo. I considered the thought that gold spray mist with pink and black glitter letters might be too much, but only for a moment. After all, what is life without some sparkle?

Monday, April 01, 2013

Welcome April...where is Spring?

It has been bright, beautiful sunshine for much of today, but still no sign of any warmer temperatures. I am so tired of the cold and so ready for some warmth. Spring is taking its sweet time this year. Chris assures me that the birds are nesting, and all our little seedlings are poking their heads above ground, so I suppose it's just a matter of time. I went shopping today and couldn't bring myself to buy another woolly jumper, even though that's what I am still wearing. 

My scrapbook pages are shifting to brighter colours and floral patterns, even if that isn't what is happening outside. These roses are from some Basic Grey paper that I loved but couldn't figure out how to use. I hardly ever do 'fussy cutting' but for this one it seemed the only option, and I used my coloured pencils to shade a green border that defines them against the background. It's very different from my normal style but I do like it.

I'm also a big fan of pages that are mostly 8.5x11 inches, on a 12x12 inch background. That was the effect I was going for here, but somehow my measurements went wrong and I cut the pink piece too small. To make up the difference, I sliced it again and then stamped in a washi tape-effect. I actually really like it, I think it brings the greens together and balances out the top half of the design. Happy accidents, eh?!

Since Gran got wifi, we have been helping her use Skype to communicate with my aunt overseas, and it is brilliant (if somewhat confusing for her). We'd been using our smartphones, but Gran is now set up with a Samsung tablet all of her own. There's no stopping her now!