Monday, April 01, 2013

Welcome April...where is Spring?

It has been bright, beautiful sunshine for much of today, but still no sign of any warmer temperatures. I am so tired of the cold and so ready for some warmth. Spring is taking its sweet time this year. Chris assures me that the birds are nesting, and all our little seedlings are poking their heads above ground, so I suppose it's just a matter of time. I went shopping today and couldn't bring myself to buy another woolly jumper, even though that's what I am still wearing. 

My scrapbook pages are shifting to brighter colours and floral patterns, even if that isn't what is happening outside. These roses are from some Basic Grey paper that I loved but couldn't figure out how to use. I hardly ever do 'fussy cutting' but for this one it seemed the only option, and I used my coloured pencils to shade a green border that defines them against the background. It's very different from my normal style but I do like it.

I'm also a big fan of pages that are mostly 8.5x11 inches, on a 12x12 inch background. That was the effect I was going for here, but somehow my measurements went wrong and I cut the pink piece too small. To make up the difference, I sliced it again and then stamped in a washi tape-effect. I actually really like it, I think it brings the greens together and balances out the top half of the design. Happy accidents, eh?!

Since Gran got wifi, we have been helping her use Skype to communicate with my aunt overseas, and it is brilliant (if somewhat confusing for her). We'd been using our smartphones, but Gran is now set up with a Samsung tablet all of her own. There's no stopping her now!

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