Monday, April 22, 2013

Something different for a Monday

It sounds a bit pretentious to say I am working on developing my style. This is only scrapbooking, after all. I've mentioned a few times that I am trying to push what I do design-wise, rather than just go with the same-old-same-old. I think it's a success, because I really like the pages I have completed so far. But gosh it's hard to try and do something consciously different.

This page began as something very different indeed. A twee patterned background and a regular 2-up photo layout. After I'd stuck down the third piece of paper, I realised I hated it and tore the whole thing apart. That doesn't happen very often, I tend to be more of the mindset that if I stick enough things on the page eventually it will look ok. That wasn't working this time, though. So - I tore the photos off, discarded the paper, took a sheet of white cardstock and started again. 

This page uses those little index photos that you get when you print with Photobox (other online printers do similar, I think.) I thought they'd be a great way to do an introductory page for our weekend in Nottingham for Chris' birthday. I haven't decided yet  if these pages will have a separate album of their own, but even if I keep them in my regular 2013 album it will be good to have something that divides them from the other layouts. The diagonal design came from something in the back of my mind inspired by this layout and I went from there. I love, love, love that rainbow chevron washi tape (from Glitz Design) and have to stop myself from sticking it on everything. And heat embossing white on coloured card is a new-to-me technique that I am finding quite addictive. So different from my other pages and I love it.

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