Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday night scrapbook catchup

My scrapbooking/blogging cycle seems to have got a bit out of synch at the moment. Apart from the ones I haven't blogged yet, I also have a big pile of pages waiting to be photographed, plus a slightly smaller pile that are complete but waiting for journalling. Not sure what's happened there but it's most unlike me.

I did this page a little while ago, but it's been sitting out on the side for ages. Sometimes when I do a page I really like, I don't want to put it away immediately so I leave it somewhere nice and visible for a while. This one combines lots of my favourite things - that gold writing, aqua glitter, enamel dots, wooden birds, my favourite paper range (for now - Crate Paper Fourteen) and a tag. I love tags. 

I've been in a bit of a scrapbooking lull of late. Paper and photos aren't making me as excited as they normally do. Yesterday I went through and tidied all my stuff, re-arranged all my embellishments in cute little bowls on my desk, threw out some bits and pieces that had been sitting around for way too long and just weren't my style any more. It feels better - cleaner, tidier - and it stopped my urge to buy more when I realised just how much I already have. But, I still haven't scrapbooked. I'm not sure what is giving me page-fright but something has definitely thrown me off-course. I have a lot of photos just waiting to be scrapped, and plenty of stories to go with them. All my usual philosophies - any story told is better than none, just get it done, etc, - aren't helping at the moment. 

Being so busy is not helping. My evenings and weekends seem so full that I don't have time to sit and contemplate a page like I normally do. I think I'm going to have to start scrapping faster. Or, I need a holiday.Where's that lottery win when you need it, eh?

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