Sunday, April 21, 2013

Have a little faith

 It felt like Spring was never going to arrive. I should have had more faith, really.
Nature is doing its thing. Slowly, but it's coming.
 Every little flower, every little's all beautiful and makes me quite emotional, actually.
There is still lots of grey and brown. Lots of bare branches. But in between there are green leaves, tiny flowers, and splashes of colour.
 The wind brought with it some beautiful blue skies and clouds that left wispy, frothy trails.
I am SO going to sketch that shed. I took more than 90 photos on this walk and any one of them would make a lovely picture.
I'm thinking maybe a large-scale canvas/ I've been in this house for two years and there still isn't anything on the walls, so these photos might be the prompt I need to change that.
Don't get me wrong, it's still cold. There was a fresh, biting wind that made my eyes water and my nose run. I was very glad to get back into the warmth of the car and eat our picnic.
But Spring is a promise. A promise of sunny days and warmth that reaches your bones. A promise of new growth, renewal and opportunity. 
Life is good.

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