Thursday, April 25, 2013

Not so different after all

Don't get carried away, now. Just because my last page was properly 'graphic' doesn't mean I am going to abandon layering altogether. Sometimes it's just what comes naturally.
There is something about this page. The edges of the paper are inked. It's been a habit of mine to use some brown ink to softly colour the edges of every paper...well, forever. I've always done it. It works here with the greens and browns and muted earth tones. Lately, though, I have been working with some brighter colours and cleaner patterns, and inked edges haven't felt right. It still feels like my pages are naked but maybe I will get used to it in time.
Another one for the album of our weekends away...and as it says, in Sherwood Forest, one must always look the part!


Alinor said...

Hi Kate! Just wanted to pop in and say that i really like your layouts!
Happy NSD to you :)

Lucy said...