Saturday, November 06, 2010


funny girls

I have four or five crafty projects in progress right now, and several more sitting in my head. I need to crack on with them but they're all waiting for something right now - the right paper, the right photo, the right spark of inspiration. The page above uses photos from my birthday last year, but I only made the page a few weeks ago. Yes, I am officially behind with my scrapbooks. Good job no-one is keeping score.

It's been a funny few days, and I've been in a funny mood. That's funny-peculiar, not funny-hah-hah. I had a hospital appointment on Friday that in the scheme of things was no big deal, but for some reason it became a massive emotional obstacle. I got through it in the end by the best tactic possible: new shoes. I bribed myself with a lovely pair of burgundy stilettos. I remember when I was a kid I used to get a toy when I had to go to the dentist - this was just the grownup version of that.

The rest of my life feels much like my craft desk - lots of things in various stages of completion. Moving back to my own house, but I'm not quite there yet. Starting to think about returning to work, but I'm not sure when. Preparing for a bit more surgery, but I haven't had an appointment with the surgeon yet. The mental fug that has been around me since chemo isn't helping, I feel like I'm trying to think through a cloud a lot of the time. For goodness' sake, if you need me to do something, you'll have to keep reminding me. I keep forgetting things, losing things and generally being dopey. It's all very funny. That's funny-peculiar, not funny-hah-hah.

P.S. 'Funny' is one of those words that gets weirder to look at the more you type it. I don't think I can ever use it again!

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