Sunday, August 16, 2009

Good times, good times

The last few days have been so much fun. On Thursday, Mindy abandoned her duties at the shop and came with me on a 120-mile round trip to tour craft shops of the south. We got an early ferry, and managed to visit Farnborough, Alton and Winchester. In between the craft shops (which were all great) we managed one pub lunch and tea + cupcakes. There were some definite bargains, and some things that were best left untouched (who stores their paper in a damp basement?)

Friday I had all good intentions of writing the presentation for my final assignment, tidying, washing and generally making the house super-presentable for my weekend guest. It didn't quite work out as I planned but at least Lucy had somewhere to sleep.

And then this weekend has been a blur of food, laughter, music and more photos than I can count...we had a fabulous time at the Garlic Festival, a great meal with good music, visited the prettiest village, shopped till we dropped, and enjoyed a lovely cream tea and some fantastic views.

I think I've done myself justice this holiday. I have done the things that needed doing, and relaxed in between. Looking back a few posts, I wanted to:
  • Finish my assignment for my management course - well, it's nearly there. I've drafted it but it still needs working on.
  • Sign up for my next OU course - I've phoned and reserved my place....waiting for the forms now.
  • Scrapbook - yes, there's been some action on that nice clean and tidy craft table. Photos to share later in the week (when I am stuck in the office and can't go out to take pretty pictures).
  • Create some pieces for the house - hasn't worked out how I thought it would, but it's still happening. I have lots of photo frames and some great photos - so my challenge is to combine the two to create a great wall display without actually spending any money.
  • Spend time with Mindy - the last couple of weeks have been all about the people I've spent them with, and Mindy has been adorable, as always. She's also great help with my next knitting project!

Next week will bring its own challenges, as I go back to work (dreading it) and do my final presentation on Wednesday (I scored myself 9 out of 10 for confidence. Can I live up to it?). On the plus side, choir gets back together tomorrow. On balance? Good times ;-)

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