Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Day 3 + 4

Yesterday was exhausting, in a we've-done-so-much-I-can't-move kinda way. We went to see Vikki and her son Harrison, walked down to the park and fed the ducks. Daniel insisted on wearing a long-sleeved top and jeans, so when we got to the beach he was a bit over-dressed. We rolled their trousers up and told them to paddle...I think they look like two little old men in this photo. All they need is a knotted hanky on their heads and they'd be sorted. The jumping over waves didn't last long, and eventually they both came back soaked and covered in sand. I don't remember being this messy as a child, but I think boys are different :)

And today has been a completely different pace...a slow morning, indoors in the rain. We met Daniel's cousin for lunch, and then went to the cinema to see G-Force 3D. The cinema staff decided to search my bag and take my camera (because obviously, snapshots of a 3D film would work so well) but fortunately didn't see my stash of illicit sweets. Hah. Which reminds me, I feel a letter to Cineworld coming on. I understand their policy, but asking me to hand over my camera without giving me any kind of receipt?
Daniel has been working on this kit for a fire truck...I thought that as he's a bright kid, something labelled '6+' would be fine. I'm not sure where the age rating comes from, but I definitely felt stupid trying to put it together! But he's thrilled to bits with it, and we'll finish it tomorrow.
We had his "best moment" today when Morph came in for food and Daniel managed to actually see him. He's been dying to meet my cat all week, but unfortunately Morpheus is absolutely terrified of him. Today we managed to coax him in for dinner, but he ran off after a few mouthfuls. I'd love to let Daniel stroke him, but I don't think it's going to happen somehow...I still have the scars from last time Morph met a small human.
Lessons learned: Always take spare clothes, and if you let a kid decide what to wear, it will be wrong. Sand washes off, but I will be finding it in the carpet for months. Tidying up is more trouble than it's worth. Don't pop into work on your day off unless you can bear to be reminded of what you've left behind!

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