Friday, August 07, 2009

Good intentions

So, Daniel has gone home and I have the house to myself again. It feels very quiet without him. Morpheus has come back inside though, I think he had his nose seriously put out of joint this week.

I still have a week before I go back to work and have all good intentions of making the most of it. I have been feeling quite creative lately and there's a lot I want to do:
  • Do my final assignment for my management course. It's a powerpoint presentation, so hopefully I can be creative with this too. The course itself has been interesting, but I'm glad it's coming to an end. Mainly, so I can...
  • Sign up for my next OU course. I had a break from OU study this academic year, for a lot of reasons. I really enjoyed the course I took in 07/08 but felt like it was too much pressure alongside work, and it put a lot of pressure on my relationship. So much has changed since then that I've been able to reassess things. This year for the first time ever I have set myself some goals - some short term, some longer term, and one of those is to continue and complete my degree. It is my most important aim right now.
  • Alongside academia, I have re-discovered my creativity and as well as scrapbooking again I have started to look at painting and other crafts. I feel so inspired by the magazines and websites that I see, and really want to use that feeling to create my own work...
  • ...Because I also want that inspiration to help me create some pieces for the house. Specifically big, beautiful canvasses. The home I am living in right now feels very 'me' in many ways, but I also want it to reflect my creativity. At the moment, most of what I create is in books, journals and albums (or, indeed, online). My aim is to make sure that as soon as you walk through the front door, you can recognise my style.
  • I'm hoping that I'll get some ideas for artwork on a few outings next week, including some time with Mindy. It's easy to get absorbed in my own work and challenges, but sometimes a step away from the studio can bring huge rewards. And it's always fun spending time with my sister :)

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