Saturday, January 19, 2013

Well, hello there 2013

It's a good job that 'blogging more often' is not a new year's resolution for me. Don't take it personally :) 
The first couple of weeks of 2013 have been busy in lots of ways, and although there is crafting going on, there hasn't been much light to take good photos. Instagram with its funky effects is much more forgiving of low-light situations (you can find me @wightkate).

I have learned that if I start the year with a list of aims and challenges, by March things usually start to fall apart. I am working towards being the person I want to be. And that doesn't change with the turn of a calendar page.
To be creative, to spend my energy on the things that really matter, to cherish those close to me, to find peace and calm and laughter in my life. To spend wisely, love deeply and eat well. 

May your 2013 be everything you want it to be.

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