Monday, January 28, 2013

Trendy scrapbooking

There are lots of trends in scrapbooking. A constant stream of products to tempt us to spend our money. As with most trends in all areas of life (ahem, leggings) I tend to resist at first and gradually get worn down when I see everyone else's work. I'd love to say that I am not influenced by other people but I know that isn't true. At the moment, the trend in scrapbook pages I see is for graphic, 'arty' layouts with paint splatters and lots of elements that aren't arranged in neat rows. I particularly love Lisa and Kelly's work.

It feels strange to me, trying to make my style looser and less...layered? That's not right, 'graphic' layouts still have lots of layers in them. Is it the colour combinations? The use of embellishments? I'm still not sure what it is about these layouts that inspires me, but I am having fun trying to make it work in my own way.

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