Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday baker: Chocolate truffles

Last week I made chocolate cupcakes. They didn't work so well. My own fault for firstly using the wrong flour, and then running out of cases so I had to recycle the ones from the cakes that went wrong. It was never going to work. But after making two dozen cakes (and mixing them by hand when I couldn't get the mixer to work) I was determined not to let them go to waste.

I have lots of childhood memories that involve cakes Mum made, and I can remember her making chocolate truffles like these. Sticky and chocolatey and flavoured with rum, rolled into a ball and covered in chocolate vermicelli.

Mum found a recipe for me online here and I only tweaked it a little bit. I didn't add any sugar, used less cocoa because it was already very chocolatey, and then used rum flavouring instead of actual rum.

Don't worry, I didn't just make nine. My 24 chocolate cupcake failures made a nice even 40 truffles. And I've only eaten two of them so far...

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