Saturday, June 23, 2012

Catching up - Christmas in June

One of my projects lately has been to go through my albums and work out where the gaps are. What stories are missing? And I realised that if you just looked through my albums (organised by year) you'd probably think I spend a lot of time shopping, eating cake & drinking tea, and taking photographs of my cat. There are lots of occasions that I know happened, that just aren't in there.

I think partly it's because I always have so many photos. My Christmas pile is one of the biggest in my box of photos. Partly it's because I struggle to see the stories beyond the obvious ones of family, dinner, and presents. And yes, partly it's because for several years, Christmas has been an incredibly difficult time for us all. Christmas 2011 felt very different and very positive, and suddenly as I went through my pile of photographs, it wasn't so hard to think of a story to tell that was more than just about the silly hats and how we always have our crackers between the main course and dessert.

Not every page has to be that profound, though - it's perfectly ok to showcase some of the daft photos that are inevitable when you start messing around with crackers.

And sometimes, when you go through the pile of photos that you printed out, you find some that  you can't remember taking in the first place. The story in those is absolutely priceless.

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