Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Stuff I make: the lampshade project

One of the joys of renting is that I can't really do anything permanent. Or more accurately, I could but then I would have to leave it behind when I inevitably leave. I'm not generous enough to do that, so I settle for making things that can be packed in a box.

Using a plain lampshade from Ikea and my trusty butterfly punches, plus some Glossy Accents (which I am praying is strong enough to withstand the heat from the bulb, otherwise I could wake up with dead butterflies falling on me.) 

I spent a pleasant couple of hours sticking it all together, grouping one or two large butterflies with lots of smaller ones. I decided not to go for all-over coverage for a couple of reasons - firstly, I didn't want it to look like my room was being swarmed by insects. And secondly, I got bored punching out butterflies. I am a lazy crafter.

And here it is in place. I'm kind of pleased with it, and I've found a legitimate use for my endless crafting supplies. Win all round :)

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