Monday, May 02, 2011

One is not Morpheus

This neighbourhood is full of cats. It's not unusual to have two or three circling my garden every evening. Yesterday I found a black cat that couldn't get back over the fence, and took several attempts to launch himself up and over to safety, with much scrabbling of claws.

Today the same black cat was sitting on the wall by the lilac bush. I promise you it's not Morpheus - he was standing beside me as I took the photo. When I caught him at the food bowl in the kitchen (!) he looked a lot more straggly than this, but in this pose he looks just like Morph. Unless....there is another black cat?

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Bubbles said...

What a gorgeous cat! Though obviously not a patch on Morpheus... naturally :)
Our neighbourhood is also overrun with kitties - think I'm the only person locally to have just one cat, and no other kitty looks like mine - well, that is until she has her kittens I guess :)