Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hoping for perfect

Slightly late in the season perhaps, but I love the blue/yellow combo in this picture. Also, I love the shallow depth of field which only serves to remind me that upgrading my camera is a definite must.

Which is a round-about way of saying...I had a hospital check up yesterday and the tumour markers are all clear. Yay. But there is something else which I am trying not to Google too much, but means I have to go back for another blood test in two weeks. Nobody is freaking out just yet (well, apart from when I do the Google thing) but obviously I would quite like those tests in two weeks to come back with perfect numbers in every box.

1 comment:

Bubbles said...

It's a stunning photograph... the bluebells are out of focus just enough so you can still see what they are (here's hoping they ARE bluebells *lol*).
Hope your numbers are all the right ones... and nobody starts freaking out beforehand :)