Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More scrapbooking, more pink

So, this page was inspired by this sketch. And I totally have Shimelle's sketches to thank for getting me back into scrapbooking. I've done more pages over the last few weeks than I have done in years. Literally. Apparently, I find it easier when someone tells me what bits go where.

And apparently, I also really like pink. Because more than half of my pages have it on in some form or another - and that's usually bigger rather than smaller (just like this page). Which is strange, because I never thought of myself as a pink person. I like bold reds, and vibrant blues...but lately pink has been creeping in a lot more.

Some things, though, don't change: 'At 27 and 22, I think it's safe to say we're both grown ups now. I never used to believe people who said you don't feel any different as you get older, but I realise now it's true. I don't feel any different from when we were 17 and 12 - or even 7 and 2. You are still my baby sister, even if you are taller than me now. We still hang out together a lot, do things together, have fun, share our stuff and even occasionally wind each other up. Yes, we are grown ups and some things have changed. But really, we are no different now at all.'


Shirley said...

Hi Kate, loving your lo's and Pink is good too. Hope all is well with you and yours. I'm getting Old!!! My eldest son was 40 last Saturday !!!!

Sharis said...

Ditto for me! Shimelle's sketches kinda got me going after a scrapbook rut. The sketchs gave me the confidence to eventually branch off and do my own thing.