Monday, February 04, 2013

Keeping it simple

You wouldn't think that something so simple could be such a challenge for me. There are really very few elements on this page and it should have come together very quickly. In truth, it would probably have been quicker if I had spent less time procrastinating on the internet and being distracted by my new pet (more on him to follow later). 

For all its simplicity, there are plenty of little details on this layout which I love. The woodgrain embossing behind the title. The individually stamped letters. The chevron vellum heart and little wooden birds. The washi tape. The gold ink splatters. I know it sounds vain, but the more I look at this, the more I like it.

I can feel my style changing with each layout that I do, and I am thoroughly enjoying trying so many different products and techniques. I am very much in love with this hobby of mine right now.


Lucy said...

I love this layout! Are the black speech bubbles a washi tape?

Kate Bucci said...

Thanks Lucy! Yes they are, it's an October Afternoon one, I think from the Midway range. :)

Lucy said...

Brill, I may need to buy some... oh dear!

Lisa-Jane said...

We got married just down the road from here so my Mum and Dad and future hubs stayed here the night before the wedding :-)