Thursday, September 09, 2010

I am not going to argue with my mother

6 september

My lesson for 6th Sept is something I have learned, re-learned and am still learning. I know parents have a duty to tell their children they are beautiful, or clever, or whatever. I know in my Mum's eyes I (and my sister) will always be the two most wonderful girls in the world. But actually, sometimes, she's right. And I'm not going to argue.

7 september

Because I know how bad chemotherapy can make me feel, when the date approaches for my next infusion I start getting this sense of rising panic. I think of all the things that need to be done before I am out of action for a week or so, and then I stay up very late trying to do them all. Invariably I fail. I have to keep reminding myself to stay calm and just prioritise the really important stuff.

8 september

And the downside of the staying up late that I end up making myself really tired and having a day when I don't actually feel like doing much at all. But you know what? That's ok too.


Elizabeth said...

Of course your mother is right, she knows best!

Wishing you very well with your treatment and your crafting.

SarahLP said...

Gosh, I'm humbled by your bravery.. and I totally agree, mothers always know best! Even though at times over the years, I've been loathe to admit it..

Sending (((hugs))) for your treatment.. and don't stress over your to-do list.. it'll all be waiting for you when you feel better! :o)

Sian said...

Your pages are beautiful. I'm sending you all the very best wishes for your treatment and I hope you feel up to posting again soon.

Bubbles said...

I am so going to show my children this... yes, MOTHER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! *LOL*

I do feel for you with the chemo - I take a mild dose every week (not for cancer) and it makes me so ill - having to face the doses you do each time must be terrible... but it has to be worth it all. I'll be thinking of you - but don't let it get to you, as you're so obviously a fighter and, more importantly, a survivor and a winner!