Sunday, February 02, 2014

Things I said I'd never do

I know, when Project Life came out I was all "oh, no, I'll never do that."
I should know better really.
I still can't cope with the idea of recording everything on a weekly basis. That's far too much pressure to keep up. But what I have realised I love is the idea of pocket page scrapbooking and using those products to make my albums complete. Why? Because I have barely started my album for last year's summer holiday and now I have our South Africa trip as well. And although I am good at printing my photos, they often end up sitting in a box, but I've run out of space for boxes. I need albums in my life.
So this was the first part of our trip, a visit to Stonehenge. The pockets mean I can put far more photos on a page than usual, and it doesn't look too messy or untidy. I'm using two styles of pocket page - these and the same layout but with vertical pictures. I shall probably use the 6x4 slots for photos and the 3x4 to use up some of the collection of cards I seem to have acquired.


Full size pages are still my favourite, though. So in between the pocket pages there will be 12x12s like this:


The only thing I am not totally thrilled with? The way that the inserts show through to the next side. I just can't get them lined up, and it's especially annoying when the back of a card is brightly coloured (I'm looking at you, red card on the left). Hopefully this is one of those things that has a 'knack' that I can pick up soon.


And there you have it - 12 photos scrapped already. Out of the box and into the album. Feels good!

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