Sunday, November 03, 2013

Scrapbook Sunday ~3~

Now that we're having a few wet and windy days, it's the perfect opportunity to stay in and catch up on this summer's pages. I have already filled my first volume for 2013, so it's definitely going to be a two-album year. It feels strange to go back and scrapbook good things that happened before Gran died. I feel like I should write all my journalling from the perspective of the sadness that was to follow, but I know that wouldn't really be accurate or helpful. Besides, focusing on happy memories helps me get through. Shall we move on to this week's page?
We <3 low tide

Enough embellishments? I think so! What started off as a plain and simple page went a bit crazy...and I love it! I used all sorts of bits and pieces that have been sitting in my bowl of embellishments for ages and it feels good. Hopefully it reflects the flotsam and jetsam of the beach at low tide.

we <3 low tide closeup1

Buttons, baker's twine, stamps, stickers, chipboard, washi tape, wood veneer, sequins...I think I have every trend covered.

We <3 low tide closeup2

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