Sunday, September 16, 2012

An autumn weekend

This weekend I have mostly been...

Finding new paths. I have driven on these roads all my life and I've never parked up and explored beyond the hedge. It's very special to walk slowly along, looking for fruit, listening for squirrels and soaking in the beauty of it all.

Foraging for blackberries. More than I can carry, mostly small but sweet and full of flavour. Every so often you can find a big juicy one, hidden behind a leaf or protected by a bramble. They taste all the better for having to fight to get them. 

Being grateful. Somewhere after crossing this stile I dropped my phone (which is what I was using to take these photos). We walked on and eventually left....a couple of hours later I realised what had happened and we returned to trace our steps. Before we had even parked the car, someone rang to say they had found my phone in the long grass and where could they meet me to return it. I am amazed that they found it, and that they returned it. People are good.

Resting. Much like these little sweeties in the pet shop. I wish I could take them home, but I don't think a certain pussy cat would approve.

Being inspired. Taking photographs for future reference (and sketching). Enjoying colours, shapes and scents.

Doing things differently. Being outdoors doing stuff means I'm not indoors making stuff. I'm making the most of it while the sun still shines, and it feels good.

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