Saturday, August 18, 2012

Project Life?

Project Life is a massively successful system that has taken over the scrapbooking world this year. Instead of doing pages about single events, scrapbookers use pages with lots of little pockets to record individual photos and journalling cards. It's mostly done on a weekly basis to record every little moment. Lots of people are doing it. 

My trouble is committing to a long-term project. I like scrapbook pages because they are single items and 'completeness' doesn't really extend any further than a 12x12 spread. I've taken part in annual month-long classes in September and December every year for the last 5 years and I only have a 50% completion rate on those albums. So I think attempting Project Life was always going to be a bit ambitious. Instead, I've used it as a bit of inspiration to get back to doing monthly review pages. I last did these in 2007 when I lasted until April, so I've already managed to get further than ever before. Currently operating two months behind....but when you consider that I am also scrapbooking a holiday that took place two years ago, that's pretty good going really. 

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