Saturday, February 11, 2012

Working it out

Sometimes it's hard to fit everything in.

In the second month of 2012, I am very aware of my super-long list of goals for the year, and how much I have to do to achieve them. I was doing really well and feeling really motivated, and then I went back to work full-time.

Obviously I am pleased to be healthy enough to be back at work, blah blah, but really - it gets in the way of everything else I want to do.

Like scrapbooking. And studying. And occasionally combining the two as you can see in the page above. I realised that something which is supposed to take 20 hours of my week (in reality, of course it doesn't) should probably feature in my albums occasionally. For example - remind me again why I am doing this?! I think I will be re-reading this page a lot in the weeks to come. (And yes, it's Shakespeare, so you have to allow me this title just once, ok?)

I am still working out the patterns in my life that will give me the time to do all I want to in a week without feeling exhausted by Wednesday afternoon. Bear with me :)

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Sabbyscrap said...

Hi Kate,
I've been following your blog for a while, so I thought that it was high time I left a comment! I totally share your issue of striking a balance, so we can do everything in one week. It's really hard. So hard, since January, it's OK for me, so I hope it'll be the case for the whole year!
Good luck and congrats for your scrapbooking, it's always great!!
Greetings from France.