Tuesday, April 05, 2011

My boy Morpheus

Morpheus clearly disapproves of my studying, because he likes to sit on my books.

When he isn't on the table, he is sat on the arm of my chair, or on the floor by my feet. At the moment, he likes to sleep under the bed, so as I am falling asleep I hear little snuffles underneath my head. When I'm not around, I think he spend most of his day asleep on top of the wardrobe.

He is wonderful company. I never thought he would be a 'lap cat', but his personality completely changed as soon as it was just him and me in the house. He is friendly, sociable, snuggly and ever-so-slightly possessive of me. He likes attention and company. He makes me get up in the morning to feed him, and he knows just how to meow pathetically to make me give him a treat. He is quite possibly the most spoiled cat I know. He is also, I realised yesterday, absolutely huge! Life right now feels like a lot of late nights, deadlines and extra pressure. I'm looking forward to some quality time off that doesn't involve any medical procedures, at Easter. Until then...I think Morpheus has the right idea.

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Bubbles said...

My cat sits on the newspaper when I try to read it, chases and bites the pen whilst I'm trying to write... and farts if you pick her up when she doesn't want you to. Wanna swap?
Only joking... my little calliecat is adorable really... and Morpheus looks like a beautiful cat too :)