Monday, March 14, 2011

Holding my place

It's never a good idea to start a blog post without an idea of where it's going. I've started this post half a dozen times and deleted each one.

As a show-and-tell, this is pretty poor. I don't have any projects to share because I haven't made anything. There are a few works-in-progress but I don't like to show off until I've finished. I don't have any photos to share because the camera has run out of battery and I haven't unpacked the charger yet. (The photo above is from last year.)

I would blame my studying, but I am behind with that as well. This blog post is mostly just to hold my place, prove I'm still alive, and hopefully promise better things to come.


Teresa said...

Hope you are feeling better, it was nice seeing you, but would have been better in a different place!!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures ARE pretty. Love the cat on the roof and the bright flowers.

I'm a cat lover too - my young fella is over 20 years old now. He mostly sleeps these days and has some old gentlemanly wind problems but I love my boy. Keep posting the pics.