Sunday, January 23, 2011

I am not dead, just buried (under a sea of boxes)

I had to move a tower of boxes to even get to my computer to write this.

I get the keys to my new house on Friday. I am alternately excited, and terrified. I am looking forward to living in a new house (open plan! bigger kitchen! brand new refurb!) but despite the best efforts of the people who helped me clean and pack today I am still worried (not enough boxes/too much stuff, co-ordinating everything).

Moving will be good for me. I'd just rather not have to do it. All my craft stuff is packed away and I should probably have packed the computer as well by now. Oh, and as I am back to work full-time now I am finding out how to push my body through previously undiscovered levels of tiredness.

Somehow, I just have to make it through this week. Then I get four days before my Open University course starts. Did someone say 2011 was going to be easier?

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